Client Testimonials for Diana Hengerer Massage in Council, Weiser, & McCall, ID


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"I am so happy to give Diana Hengerer, LMT a glowing recommendation.  She worked in my clinic for nine years, leaving to develop her private practice in 2003.  Diana is definitely a cut above both with her clinical skills and professional manner.  She has a thirst for knowledge.  I have watched her continue to pursue education to improve her skills.  Recently, I had the delightful experience of being treated with Watsu massage. It was truly a touch of heaven.
Diana is a spectacular combination of technical excellence and graceful presence.
Marcella L. Box, DC
Owner, Holistic Health Clinic

"As an aging jock trying to stay in shape, Diana's help to avoid - and sometimes, treat - injuries has been invaluable. Her experience in deep-tissue massage and her ability to zero in on sore spots have been a necessary part of my routine for years. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Steve P., Beaverton, OR

Client Testimonials for Diana Hengerer Massage in Council, Weiser, & McCall, ID "Diana has a gift for massage therapy. She seems to access some inner vast resource of knowledge and skill that guides her locating and responding to body tension and discomfort in ways that enable release and healing. At least, such has been the outcome for me."
Judy B., Beaverton, OR

"I consider myself fortunate to have been referred to Diana Hengerer as part of my treatment after an automobile accident. Her skills, warmth, compassion, and caring nature made her an essential part of my recuperation. She decreased my pain levels and increased my range of motion with each visit. Her finely-tuned, intuitive sense of what my body needed provided me with significant pain relief and was essential to my healing process. Diana is a professional; she listens carefully to input and closely monitors any feedback. I have subsequently referred relatives and friends to Diana for both therapeutic work and general relaxation/stress reduction massages. Thank you Diana, for your soothing, healing touch."
Deb B., Ridgefield, WA

"Diana is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Massage Therapist!<br />I have been to several, however Diana's abilities and skills makes her far more superior than the others that I have worked with. She is able to find the problem areas and work to relieve those sites, while continuing to provide a therapeutic, whole body relaxation massage through her session with you. I am confident that you will feel the same after you have had a session with Diana."
Deb R., RN Turner, OR

"Going for a massage with Diana has been a high point of my life for over 10 years now, and she has helped me through innumerable injuries over the years. In 2006 after a particularly massive bicycle crash I know I recovered better and faster thanks to her deep tissue massage, and the aftereffects of that accident on my joints and muscles have been kept entirely at bay due in large part to her ongoing skill and attention. In another case of a broken wrist (not from the bike!) she worked tirelessly on the scar for months, and there are almost no adhesions. ...just two examples of the many I could relate. For each massage appointment, I always pick specific or general points for work and she is equally adept at both. In addition, she is continually studying and learning in both health and body work, and her knowledge of muscles and anatomy is amazing to me. One of my favorite questions for her during a massage is what is that you are working on now? -- she always knows. Diana truly is a master of her trade. We in Oregon will miss her greatly!"
Jennifer H., Portland, OR

"I have been going to Diana for more years than I can remember. Through the years she has nursed me back to health from all kinds of pain including knees, back, jaw, hips, shoulders; you name, she probably covered it. My active lifestyle is in large part due to her expert care. Her strong,healing hands, cheerful self and wonderful conversation have have kept me sane and healthy. She is professional and knowledgeable and I have recommended her to many friends."
Elaine R., Portland, OR

"I started seeing Diana what? fourteen years ago? and was a regular client. I always came away feeling better than when I arrived, and felt a lot healthier for having gone. I'm happy that she is relocating to follow her heart, but I will miss her skilled hands."
Steve P., Beaverton, OR

"Diana has always managed to create the most appealing atmosphere you could imagine. Idaho just got a great LMT."
Kevin S., Canby, OR

"In one hour, a massage from Diana can restore my spirit!"
Annette O., Portland, OR

"I can't imagine getting a massage from Diana and not returning for more. I've been returning for seven years, ever since I got a colleague's recommendation. I wasn't sure that anyone could replace my former therapist, who had moved out of the Portland area, but I was not disappointed. Right away, I knew I had found an excellent pair of hands What makes a good massage therapist? Training, skill, experience, and communication are key elements. Diana gets full marks for all four, frequently checking in to make sure I'm comfortable. She uses a variety of techniques to root out all the built-up tension and soreness lurking in my body. The hot towels are sublime. Diana provides a very pleasant, serene environment, with a view of greenery. Though I would go every week if I could afford it, Diana has never pressured me to come on any particular schedule, unlike a few therapists I've seen in the past. I would also like to note that she keeps on schedule, so I've never been kept waiting."
Christina S., Portland, OR