Nutrition Information

I feel nutrition is a very important part of overall health, and it's a subject I love to talk about with others to compare notes and experiences, and share my love for GOOD FOOD!

The Foundations of Optimal Health is an introduction to my approach to this topic.

As I am entering the third growing season here in the West Central mountains of Idaho, my interest in nutrition has really been focused on learning the art and science of growing food. There is much to learn, lots of trial and error, and dealing with the brutalities of nature.

I put together the following pictorial/book-review-ish presentation to satisfy a requirement for CEU hours for the NTA. (It was not accepted in this format, but I thought it was much more entertaining and informative than mere paragraphs…) So I will share it here for whoever might be interested in the progress of the first two years.

An Exercise in Fertility

I will occasionally be adding articles, tips, and recipe ideas. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or ideas of your own.